Buying a Sample Dress (Off the Rack) Versus New Order Wedding Dress

Buying a Sample Dress (Off the Rack) Versus New Order Wedding Dress

Here at Dantela Bridal Couture in Lincolnwood, Illinois, we have a lot of brides come in who have spent their entire lives dreaming of the perfect wedding gown. However, finding that perfect gown is a lot more difficult than you probably dreamed it would be! When it comes to wedding dress shopping, you have a couple of choices; you can either buy a sample dress off the rack or you can purchase a custom order wedding dress. There are certainly pros and cons to each - let’s explore those today!


Buying A New Order Wedding Dress



If you opt for a new order wedding dress, expect these to be more trendy and customized just for you. These are a wonderful choice for brides who want to have more freedom with how their gown looks and fits them, plus you get the chance to make sure that your dress perfectly fits your vision and proportions. 


The only major downside here is that it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months to receive your dress. However, if you plan accordingly, this won’t be an issue! It just depends on your timeline.


Buying Off The Rack



When you buy a wedding dress off the rack, it’s coming from stock inventory that comes directly from the shop. Choosing to buy a gown off the rack from inventory means that you can still find that dream wedding dress even if you don’t have enough time to order a new dress.


One of the major benefits of buying one of these dresses is that they’re often sold at a discounted rate. Sometimes you get lucky and even find a couture wedding gown that won’t break the bank! 

Either way, it’s best that you choose a dress that fits your needs, budget, and timeframe. If you’re ready to find the perfect wedding dress, let the experts at Dantela Bridal Couture in Lincolnwood, Illinois, help you - book an appointment today!