How to Accessorize Your Perfect Bridal Look

How to Accessorize Your Perfect Bridal Look

Once you have a wedding dress that makes you feel like a queen, you're going to want to make sure you choose the right accessories to compliment it! There are all kinds of ways you can accessorize your dress and many factors to keep in mind. Here are a few of our top tips to keep in mind when you start looking for bridal accessories:



Remember Your Personal Style

We know that our brides all want to look like a princess on their big day - after all, this is a super special occasion and you want to stand out with your wedding day lok! However, you also want to look like your true self. The last thing you want is to either feel uncomfortable or look back on wedding photos and regret wearing accessories that really didn’t fit your personal style. Once you find a gown that suits your style, the accessories should also fit the bill. 

Keep It Simple

 When in doubt, less is always more when it comes to wedding day accessories. You might feel inclined to reach for that trendy statement necklace or earrings only to find that it really didn't feel right with your gown. After all, what’s trendy right now won’t necessarily be trendy in 20 years - you don’t want to look back and feel embarrassed about going overboard! 


Find Complementary Metals

The bridal accessories don't have to match exactly with the engagement ring and wedding band, but this is a good starting point. Platinum, gold, and sterling silver are the three most popular jewelry metals. Choose the rest of your jewelry based on the metal your rings are made of. You could probably get away with wearing silver earrings with gold rings but rose gold earrings would look out of place.


Decorate Your Updo


 Many brides today decorate their hair on the day of their wedding, whether in an elaborate updo or with a plainer style. Bridal vines, tiaras and combs are just a few ways contemporary brides embellish their hair on the big day. Whether you plan to get an elaborate updo or leave your curls down to flow freely, think about incorporating a bridal hair accessory. There are nearly endless options to suit any taste!


Add A Shawl

The benefit of getting married in colder months is that you get to add an extra bridal accessory - a shawl or cover-up! Think faux fur wraps, a bolero, or a chic shrug to keep your shoulders warm and add another layer of style to your look. 

Consider Bold Shoes

 When choosing your wedding day shoes, you might be tempted to wear a classic pair of white heels. But don't forget that your dress will cover your shoes for most of the ceremony -- so why not have some fun with your footwear? For example, you could make the shoes your "something blue," swap heels for cute sneakers, or find a pair of booties with a bright pattern.


Consider Your Neckline


If you want to wear a necklace with your wedding dress, keep in mind that the neckline of your dress can determine how much jewelry you can wear. If your dress has a lot of beading and lace, it might be best to skip the necklace so that your outfit doesn't seem too busy. However, if you have a classic sweetheart neckline, a simple necklace will work just fine. And if your dress has a straight neckline, feel free to go big and try a statement piece instead!


 Now that you have the tips you need to pick out the perfect bridal accessories, it's time to get shopping. Just remember, this is your day, so you can choose to keep it simple—or go all out!

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