Working With an Experienced Seamstress

Working With an Experienced Seamstress

Sometimes when a wedding dress is tried on in the store, whether it is the actual dress or a sample, it won’t be right for you. Sample wedding dresses may be too small or too large, so they may need to be clipped close or unbuttoned. It is normal to feel that your actual wedding dress doesn't fit perfectly or that you don't love the way it fits your body when it arrives in the store. An experienced bridal seamstress is extremely important for this reason!



 It takes years of practice and patience to become a good wedding dress tailor. It's an intimate knowledge of how a dress fits and what is going to happen to other pieces of the dress when you take parts in or let parts out. The cost of alterations can be difficult to estimate, and it can be tempting to choose someone who is cheaper, but remember that cheaper is not always better.

 When you order your gown based on a size chart, it's important to use your biggest measurement — usually your hips or waist. In order to fit you correctly, one or more parts of the dress may need to be taken in. When your dress is made based on custom measurements, it's not likely to fit you perfectly. However, you can avoid the hassle of having to decide on a size because they'll make your dress with several different sizes sewn together. If you opt to order the dress now, we can have a seamstress work her magic on it to give it that custom fit.



 You also may want to make some changes before you wear your wedding gown. You might want to add straps or change the way that it falls at the neckline. Maybe you'll want to add a belt or a bow. All these types of customizations take extra time for alterations and require a highly talented seamstress!

At the end of the day, it’s super important that you utilize a skilled seamstress to help craft your dream gown. And if you still need to find the perfect wedding dress, book an appointment with our team at Dantela Bridal Couture today!