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Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Jun 13, 2022

If you are a bride-to-be with chic fashion tastes, you may find that classic bridal aesthetics aren’t quite your style. Thankfully, with such an abundance of breathtaking, nontraditional designs from some of the world’s most renowned...

Working With an Experienced Seamstress

May 24, 2022

Sometimes when a wedding dress is tried on in the store, whether it is the actual dress or a sample, it won’t be right for you. Sample wedding dresses may be too small or too large, so they may need to be clipped close or unbuttoned. It is...

How to Accessorize Your Perfect Bridal Look

May 19, 2022

Once you have a wedding dress that makes you feel like a queen, you're going to want to make sure you choose the right accessories to compliment it! There are all kinds of ways you can accessorize your dress and many factors to keep in mind. Here...

Buying a Sample Dress (Off the Rack) Versus New Order Wedding Dress

Apr 07, 2022

Here at Dantela Bridal Couture in Lincolnwood, Illinois, we have a lot of brides come in who have spent their entire lives dreaming of the perfect wedding gown. However, finding that perfect gown is a lot more difficult than you probably dreamed it...

The Importance of Alterations

Mar 29, 2022

After spending months finding your dream wedding dress, we completely understand that you may feel antsy to take it home immediately after it first arrives, but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of the alterations process. After all,...

Designer Spotlight: Pronovias

Feb 11, 2022

As one of the leading bridal brands in the world, Pronovias is constantly pushing the limits of fashion, designing wedding dresses with delicate details and bold, statement-making design elements. Pronovias ensures you’ll be wearing something...

When to Buy a Wedding Dress

Nov 23, 2021

One of the biggest steps in planning your wedding is finding the dress. It’s the most memorable dress you’ll wear in your life, and you want to find one that reflects your personal style and makes you feel beautiful and confident on your...

Dress Shape Diary

Nov 08, 2021

One of the biggest design elements of your wedding dress is the silhouette. Your silhouette emphasizes your curves and highlights different parts of your body, so it’s important to find one that suits both your style and your figure so that...

Bridal Makeup Trends for 2021

Oct 22, 2021

One of the key parts in planning your wedding day is your makeup. Your dress isn’t the only part of your look—you’ve got to plan your look from head to toe, including makeup. If you want a trendy makeup look, here are a few of our...

Wedding Dresses for Different Venue Styles

Oct 04, 2021

Often, we find brides want different styles for different wedding venues. And this makes sense, as you’d likely want something different for a winter wedding versus a tropical destination wedding. For the bride unsure where to start,...

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